Video Blogs


    1. Guardianship For A Loved One

    2. Should Your Business Be Included In A Trust?

    3. What Assets Should Be Included In A Trust?

    4. “Snowbirds” & Estate Plans

    5. Moving to Florida – What About Your Estate Plan?

    6. Revocable vs. Irrevocable Trusts – What’s The Difference?

    7. Irrevocable Trusts – Can They Be Modified?

    8. New Legislation That Could Affect Your Estate Plan – Part 2

    9. New Legislation That Could Affect Your Estate Plan – Part 1

    10. Legal Assistance with State Law and Probate

    11. The Britney Spears Conservatorship

    12. Refusal of Executor Role

    13. Estate and Inheritance Taxes

    14. Living Trusts

    15. Implications of the SECURE Act

    16. Transgender Estate Planning

    17. Curbside Paperwork Options During COVID

    18. How To Prepare Estate Planning Documents In This Pandemic?

    19. Charitable Trusts

    20. Helpful Ideas – Year End Estate Planning

    21. Grantor Trust – Exploring Options

    22. Post Election Estate Planning

    23. Minimizing Estate Taxes GRATs and GRUTs

    24. Everyone Needs an Estate Plan, Celebrities Included

    25. How Will Your Estate Plan Be Affected in the Event of Divorce

    26. Divorce & Inheritance

    27. The Basics of Estate Planning

    28. Trustee Selection

    29. Taxes That Might Affect Your Estate Planning

    30. Zoom & the Courtroom

    31. Charitable Giving/CARES Act

    32. Estate Planning-CARES Act

    33. Estate Documents – Accessibility

    34. Importance of a Health Care Surrogate

    35. CDC Recommendations

    36. Curbside Document Signing

    37. We Are Closely Monitoring Updates

    38. Deferment Includes 2020 First Quarter Taxes

    39. Pandemics Are Personal

    40. Protecting Your Children’s Inheritance

    41. Opening A Guardianship

    42. The SECURE Act’s Impact On Estate Plans

    43. QPRT – Qualified Personal Residence Trust

    44. SLAT – Spousal Lifetime Access Trust

    45. Dealing With The Loss of A Parent

    46. Digital Property After Death

    47. Federal Estate Taxes

    48. Another Good Reason to Avoid Probate

    49. Selecting a Personal Representative

    50. Going Through Probate In Multiple States

    51. Understanding the Need for Pet Trusts

    52. Estate Planning For Blended Families

    53. Death, Taxes And Probate

    54. Continuing Trusts

    55. Do You Really Need A Will AND A Trust?

    56. New Legislation on Estate Planning – The SECURE ACT

    57. Funding Your Trust

    58. Incapacity Planning

    59. Reasons To Update Your Estate Plan

    60. Legal Assistance With The Probate Process

    61. The Importance of Estate Planning

    62. Benefits of Family Limited Partnerships

    63. Understanding Irrevocable Life Insurance Trusts (ILITs)

    64. Probate in the State of Florida: Don’t Go It Alone!

    65. “Tis the Season” for Year-End Gifting and Charitable Donations

    66. Estate Planning During the Holidays

    67. Estate Taxes: What is the “Death Tax”?

    68. Why Not Having A Pet Trust Might Make Your Pet’s Life “Ruff”