What Is Your Process?

Video Transcription:

Our process, because we do a lot of estate planning in our office, as to estate planning our process is pretty systematized. We meet with clients. If they decide to go ahead and make an improvement to their estate plan, we right then schedule a meeting for either 10 days or two weeks usually at the most. At that next meeting, we meet to review the documents. Documents can be kind of complicated, so we have an outline and a diagram. We make it very user-friendly and easy to understand. A big percentage of the time people sign documents at that meeting. If instead, they say, “Well, now that I understand it better, I want to make a few changes, tinker with it a little bit,” then we’re going to have another meeting. Then oftentimes there’s another meeting or so to get the assets actually transferred into a trust if we’re using those. But we’re very organized and systematized and it moves very quickly. Have more questions? Then contact us today to schedule a free consultation! Doane & Doane Top rated Tax & Estate Planning Attorneys