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Updating Your Estate Plan to Reflect Your Divorce

When you get a divorce, the state of your estate plan is not just about your property and assets. It’s about how these assets and property can be divided without any conflict. 

In addition to dividing your marital assets, you will also have to divide any assets that are part of the marital estate. Therefore, let’s look at some key points to remember when you’re getting ready for a divorce.

Plan with an Estate Planning Lawyer

A divorce can be very emotional. With so much financial stress and uncertainty, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and focus on the wrong things. Don’t fall into this trap. There are important factors you will need to consider in order to make sure you have a well-thought-out divorce plan that works for you, your family, and your finances.

Make sure you’re getting the best legal representation possible by talking with an experienced estate planning lawyer who can help you make the necessary changes to your estate plan.

If you’re trying to manage your divorce on your own, the chances are good that you aren’t going to get the right legal representation that is best suited for your case. 

Instead, you want an attorney who understands how the laws apply in your specific situation and how to handle all aspects of a divorce without making any mistakes or overlooking critical areas of concern on your estate plan.

To ensure that you have an experienced estate planning lawyer in your corner, contact Doane & Doane today and schedule a consultation. We can provide you with the representation you need to ensure that your estate plan is handled properly in this matter. 

Make the Appropriate Adjustments

Many people assume that a divorce will automatically create an estate plan. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case in most states. It is often up to the courts to decide what happens with your marital assets after a divorce. 

So when you’re thinking about dividing your property and assets, take time to look at what you own now and how it could change by getting a divorce.

At Doane & Doane, we understand that divorce is a messy process. But it’s important to get your property division right from the start. When you hire an estate planning lawyer, they can help guide you through the process in an efficient and beneficial manner. 

They will ensure that everything is handled correctly so that there are no surprises later on down the road. When you hire a lawyer, your family members can focus more on your assets without worrying about how to divide them.

Moreover, your counsel will be able to provide you with valuable insight into how best to divide any assets that are part of the marital estate. In addition, both sides may have different ideas about what property should be included in the settlement agreement and what may be excluded from it. In fact, you can almost count on it. 

As such, it’s crucial that you have an experienced estate planning attorney to help you navigate these rough waters. It’s also worth noting that you should never attempt to take on divorce on your own, especially when there’s an estate plan involved. 

Such a situation is often fraught with tension and stress. It’s important to keep a level head in these matters, and your estate planning lawyer can help you maintain your composure so that you make the right decisions.

For many couples going through a divorce, the estate planning lawyers often serve the voice of reason. So if you want to ensure that you take the necessary steps to update your estate plan accordingly, we encourage you to contact Doane & Doane at your earliest convenience. 

What Comes Next?

By adjusting your estate plan during divorce, you can be sure that your property and assets go to just your children, siblings, or friends. Estate planning encompasses many different aspects of life, from preparing for your death and securing your assets, to protecting your loved ones. 

With more and more people turning to estate planning as a way to protect their families, it’s important that you find an estate planning lawyer who can help you learn about the best methods of estate planning, even when you’re faced with divorce.

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Divorce is often difficult, which is why you should have a knowledgeable and accomplished legal firm assisting you. At Doane & Doane, we specialize in helping clients manage their estate plans during a divorce. 

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