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Florida fiduciaries seek the assistance of the attorneys of Doane & Doane, P.A. to administer and manage their trusts and estates.

The founding partners of Doane & Doane are board-certified West Palm Beach Probate Attorneys. With the additional advantage of certified public accountancy in their backgrounds, they present a unique combination of skills and experience which enables them to effectively settle, administer, and manage clients’ trust and estates.

When a person passes away his or her estate has to be settled or liquidated. In the process, the assets are either sold or distributed. This process is referred to as estate administration. As the personal representative or as an estate executor, it is your responsibility to manage this entire process.

Probate Administration Lawyer West Palm Beach

Overseeing an estate can be a time-consuming and complicated process. We help clients every step of the way. Our probate administrative services include:

  • Proving in court that a deceased person’s will is valid
  • Identifying and inventorying the deceased person’s property
Probate & Trust Administration West Palm Beach
  • Property appraisal
  • Supervising and arranging the estate’s debts and taxes
  • Distributing property as directed by a will
  • Transferring title and ownership of assets to the proper beneficiaries

Trust Administration Lawyer West Palm Beach

A trust is an entity created by the deceased. Usually, a trust holds and manages the property for the beneficiaries. It is explicitly mentioned in the trust document how the said property is to be managed and distributed. Administration of trust is the same as the administration of an estate. As a trustee, you are supposed to identify, evaluate the worth, and safeguard the trust property. Additionally, you will also have to manage the trust property and make disbursements as per the terms mentioned in the governing documents. You can be held liable and accountable for any financial or property loss if there is any negligence on your part.

Our lawyers oversee the management of trust assets for the benefit of one or more third-party beneficiaries.

Personal Representative Probate Guidance Lawyers West Palm Beach

The personal representative, executor, or executrix must follow Florida law to conclude the decedent’s affairs, including:

  • Giving the proper notices to proper parties
  • Collecting the decedent’s property
  • Receiving claims against the estate
  • Paying valid claims and disputing others
  • Distributing estate property according to the will or state law
  • Selling estate property to cover debts or allow for proper distribution, if necessary

Fiduciary Accounting

Fiduciary accounting involves regularly communicating financial information about a trust to the trustee, principal, and other interested parties, such as the IRS and the courts. Because such accountings are carefully scrutinized, precision and accuracy are essential.

Fiduciary Tax Compliance

Our lawyers help fiduciaries prepare and file tax returns for trusts, Probate, and estates in compliance with federal and state law.

Investment Research and Due Diligence

Probate Attorney West Palm Beach at Doane & Doane research the financial and legal aspects of potential investments and provide thorough analytical guidance to fiduciaries of trusts and estates.

Residency and Domicile Issues

IRS change of address notice. To ensure our clients get their tax refunds and other IRS correspondence, Doane & Doane can file IRS Form 8822 for clients who move.

Homestead Exemption issues. A Florida homeowner’s principal residence provides a substantial property tax exemption. In some cases, the government places restrictions on the property’s transfer at death to protect the homestead owner’s family. Sometimes, these restrictions can have a detrimental effect on an estate plan. The attorneys at Doane & Doane are fully aware of all homestead restrictions and use comprehensive estate and West Palm Beach Probate Attorneys planning to help clients avoid detrimental effects.

Declaration of domicile. To be eligible for the Homestead Exemption and other benefits of being a resident of Florida, clients – particularly those with alternate residences in New York or other states – must establish Florida domicile and abandon their prior domiciles.

Why Do You Need Doane & Doane Services

Any mistakes or oversights in the probate and trust administration process can lead to disputes and litigations. These may occur not just amongst the beneficiaries but also among the estate and the government. Doane & Doane provides you with an experienced lawyer who is proficient in both probate administration and trust administration, thereby paving the path to smooth and quick handling of all issues.

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Rebecca Doane has been an exceptional adviser and counselor to my family over the past ? years, (since she founded Doane and Doane, don’t remember the year) Her ability to listen closely and patiently and to articulate my options, has always allowed me to leave an appointment with a clear understanding of what will take place and how it will be executed.Her care and concern for her clients is exceptional and I know, if necessary, she will be a tough advocate on my behalf I recommend her unequivocally.
Rebecca Doane is “unique” – an Angel sent from heaven – and easy to do business with. My first meeting with you, you made me feel welcome, at ease, encouraged, trusting and hope for dreams come true. I keep on recommending you to everyone in need and hope for the best. I never had better services than yours, therefore I will continue to enjoy meeting with you.
Victoria E.
I have been fortunate in my later years to meet Rebecca Doane, a lawyer with all the requirements I need in this part of my life. She is a great estate lawyer, very up to date in all the estate procedures. I have a family of five children, eleven grandchildren. She takes care of all of them for me, and she is always nice to be around. The staff she has in her office is really super.
Edward S.
We needed to have our estate, durable power of attorney, healthcare surrogate, and living will documents recreated as we have moved to Florida from another state. We consulted with Rebecca at the recommendation of our financial consultant and then hired her firm to do the documents. All was handled very well by Rebecca and her staff who we believe have integrity and are actually kind people. We very much appreciate Rebecca’s provision of additional detail in our living wills to ensure that our wishes would be understood and followed.
Rebecca Doane has been my wills, estate trust attorney for 20 years. I have used her for work including out of state and international situations. I am grateful for her experience and proactive insight which have been critical in avoiding problems. The office is convenient and professional. Rebecca is an attorney who cares about her clients. She does an exceptional job of providing personalized legal representation.
Betsy S.
Rebecca Doane has been my wills, trust and estate attorney for 20 years. I have used her for work including out of state and international situations. I am grateful for her experience and proactive insight which have been critical to avoiding problems. The office is convenient and professional. Rebecca is an attorney who cares about her clients. She is easily accessible by phone and text and does an exceptional job of providing the best personalized legal representation.
Rebecca Doane has been our attorney for many years and she has been outstanding in helping us with our trust. Not only is she professional in her manner and recommendations she also has a warmth and understanding when assisting us that makes a difficult task not as difficult to complete. Rebecca gave us areas of thought to our estate planning that we would have never thought of on our own. She has become a dear friend and trusted associate. I would certainly recommend her to others and I have several times.
Judi R.
I highly recommend Doane and Doane to anyone needing tax or estate planning services. I have used them for everything from a simple Will to more complicated Trusts and they always provide remarkable guidance and advice. Randall and Rebecca have an in-depth knowledge of both accounting and tax laws and they took the time to make complicated estate planning understandable. Their caring staff made sure that every detail was handled thoroughly and completely and they are always there for me when I have questions or concerns. With more than 37 years in the business and the wealth of knowledge that comes with it, I trust them for all my family’s tax and estate planning needs. Doane and Doane is simply the best!
Kimberly F.
After procrastinating for many years about getting my estate plan in order, I finally decided to get down to business. I was referred to Randy Doane of Doane & Doane, PA by a friend. I was glad to note they possessed all my base-line requirements: Board Certified in Wills, Trust and Estates, taxation experience, excellent reputation, firmly planted in the area, boutique atmosphere, convenient location and initial consultations were complimentary. I arrived with the pre-conceived notion that my particular situation was somewhat convoluted. I was sure estate planning would pose a tremendous challenge. At my initial consultation, I had a chance to present my situation and verbalize my anxieties. Within that first meeting, Doane & Doane presented me with recommendations, options and fees. Because of their knowledge and expertise, my presumed difficulties were readily resolved. I was able to finalize my estate plan within a couple of weeks. It turned out to be a pleasant and informative experience. I have been back to Doane & Doane, PA a few times over the years to integrate into my plan some life changes that have occurred. Always .. . I am met with great care and concern for my overall situation and ultimate satisfaction. Always . . . I leave with the precious gift they promise at the first meeting: Peace of Mind! When I cross their threshold, I am often a glass-half-empty sort of fellow because that’s just who I am. When I leave the offices of Doane & Doane, PA, I am definitely transitioned into a glass-half-full sort of guy because I know the legacy I worked so hard to accumulate all my life will follow the path I desire. Thanks, Doane & Doane, PA. Peace of Mind is a beautiful thing!
David S.
Victoria E.
Edward S.
Betsy S.
Judi R.
Kimberly F.
David S.