What Happens If The Executor Named in Your Will Refuses the Role?


You’ve created your legal documents. But upon your passing, the person you’ve named as Executor has decided they don’t want the role. Now what?
“If somebody doesn’t want the role of the personal representative of the last will and testament, then usually there is a secondary person named as the last will and testament but you have to have a declination to serve signed by the first person that’s named. Which can sometimes be hard, if you have to hunt that person down and don’t know where he or she is. If that person has passed away, you have to file an actual certified death certificate of that person who was named.”
There’s a lot of difficulty that comes into getting your personal representative appointed. This is where the importance of updating your legal paperwork becomes clear. An experienced estate planning attorney can help keep your documents current. The attorneys at Doane and Doane will be there for you every step of the way during your estate planning process and the updating of your legal documents. You have questions, they have answers. Call Doane and Doane or visit doaneanddoane.com