Pet Trusts

Video Transcription

We all love our dogs.  They’re a part of our family, just like Noodle and Clover are to Randy and Rebecca Doane. They like us more than anybody else. Kidding aside, what happens to your pet when you pass on? After all, no one wants them to end up abandoned or in a shelter. So who takes care of them financially? That’s where a pet trust comes in.

“The more common way to do it is in a will or in your existing revocable trust. Your will could say, “When I pass away, set aside blank dollars for the care of my pet. This is who I want to watch the money, and this is who I want to care for the pet.”

So whether it’s Noodle or Clover, or your own pet, you want to make sure when you’re gone, they are taken care of the way you would want them to be. It’s important to talk with an attorney who can guide you in setting up a pet trust. Whether your goals involve estate planning, tax planning, guardianship, or even a pet trust, the experienced attorneys at Doane and Doane can assist you every step of the way.

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