Paralegals and Administrative Staff

Nancy Garrigan Probate Paralegal
Nancy Garrigan

Probate Paralegal

Claire Waters Estate Planning Paralegal
Claire Waters

Estate Planning Paralegal

Vanessa Rodriguez Legal Assistant
Vanessa Sanchez

Estate Planning Paralegal

Kacie Feeley

Probate Paralegal

Cindy Smith

Estate Planning Paralegal

Mary Lou Ahlgren Bookkeeper
Mary Lou Ahlgren

Senior Accountant

Rachel Bentley Marketing Director
Rachel Bentley

Marketing Director

Bertha Schwartz Receptionist
Bertha Schwartz


Kathleen A. Doane

Human Resources Manager

Robert P. Graveline—Office Administrator

Docent, Cape Canaveral Air Force Museum
Robert P. Graveline - Office Administrator

Known around the office as Bob or Mr. G., Robert P. Graveline works with Doane & Doane on various projects and generally assists with office administration.

After graduating from Idaho State University with a bachelor of science in math/physics, Mr. G. began work in the California aerospace industry. His first assignment was as an engineer on the SNARK cruise missile, which was produced by Northrop Aircraft and designed to fly 6,000 miles unpiloted and with the ability to potentially drop its atomic warhead on a specifically designated target with one-quarter mile accuracy. The SNARK program brought Bob to Cape Canaveral in 1952 where, with a few Cape Canaveral contract interruptions, he worked until retirement in 1993.

Mr. Graveline also worked on several other noteworthy projects, including Lockheed Aircraft’s famous AGENA rocket, which was America’s workhorse in the 1960s. The AGENA launched many satellites into orbit and generated excursions to Mars, Venus, and the moon. There is still a payload on the moon bearing a plaque engraved with Mr. Graveline’s name.

Mr. Graveline also worked on the space shuttle program and was instrumental in its management. Part of his responsibilities included ensuring the integrity of the software used in the firing rooms that served to launch the shuttle.

During Bob’s aerospace career, he assisted in reducing the data for Dr. Wernher Von Braun on his Redstone Rocket that launched America’s first satellite, Explorer 1, in January 1958.

Presently, Bob Graveline is a volunteer at the Cape Canaveral Air Force Space & Missile Museum, where he delights visitors as a docent and provides lectures on the history of Cape Canaveral and its various missile successes as well as its disasters. Bob Graveline is nothing less than a “walking history book” when it comes to aerospace development in the United States of America. His passion for the subject has not waned over the years, and he remains an avid proponent of space technology, development, and discovery.

As for Mr. G’s position in our firm – well, he is certainly a “star.”