How long does a guardianship last?

Video Transcription:

A guardianship lasts for the duration of the ward’s incapacity, which usually in elderly capacitated people, it’s until they pass away. So a it can be instituted for many, many years, decades, even depending on the incapacity of the ward. If it’s a minor guardianship, then the guardianship lasts until the ward attains legal age, which in the state of Florida is the age of 18. But, remember, even after the ward passes or turns age 18, the guardian still has wrap up duties that they have to do, and the guardianship is still in full force until the guardian fulfills all the rest of his or her duties, which would be a final accounting, paying all of the outstanding bills of the ward, and transferring the assets to the estate or to the aged out minor.┬áHave more questions? Then contact us today to schedule a free consultation! Doane & DoaneTop rated Tax & Estate Planning Attorneys