How Can An Estate Plan Prevent Probate Of My Estate?

Video Transcription:

When you see an estate planner, there are many main goals of estate planning. One is to avoid estate taxes. One is to plan for your incapacity. But one of the main goals is to avoid probate. And to avoid probate, your estate planner is going to suggest that you set up a revocable living trust, and that you actually fund your assets into the revocable living trust during your lifetime. If you set up a revocable living trust and don’t fund your assets, well all of those assets are going to pour through probate through your last will and testament into your revocable living trust. And the whole point of setting up the revocable living trust, which is to avoid probate, is destroyed. Have more questions? Then contact us today to schedule a free consultation! Doane & DoaneTop rated Tax & Estate Planning Attorneys