Guardianship For A Loved One


A guardianship is a legal relationship between a person named in a Will and Trust, or petition with the court to care for either minor children or adults who have been deemed incompetent to care for themselves.

But in cases where aging loved ones are in slow decline and need to be protected, a court battle over guardianship can be heartbreaking and may cause irreparable damage to the family.

Estate planning attorney, Rebecca Doane, of Doane & Doane, says:

“You can absolutely avoid a guardianship battle with a comprehensive estate plan. Even when you have a will, living will, healthcare surrogate named, as well as a Durable Power of Attorney, you should select a pre-need guardian to serve you and your property in the event you are deemed legally incapacitated.”

The laws and paperwork for each area are specific and detail-oriented regarding duties, responsibilities, and powers of the guardian. The court is quite often the “supervisor” of the guardianship and the particulars are expected to be followed verbatim.

An experienced estate planning attorney can help you with:

– Guardianship of a minor.

– Limited guardianship.

– Plenary guardianship.

– Standby guardian.

– Guardian advocate.

– (and) Pre-need guardian.

The attorneys at Doane & Doane, P.A. will be able to assist you in every facet of guardianship matters. They are ready, willing, and able to assist the guardianship client through the labyrinth of proceedings which will result in a successful relationship for all concerned.

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