Death, Taxes And Probate

Video Transcription

You’ve heard it before, there are two things you just can’t avoid:  death and taxes. But going through probate after a loved one dies is completely avoidable – and a smart thing to do, especially if you live in Florida. In other states probate can take one day.  Here in Florida, six to eight months is not unusual.  Estate planning attorney Rebecca Doane says residents of the sunshine state deal with some of the most complex probate processes in the nation. Why? Mainly because there are so many elderly people here.

“Because of the large elderly population there’s been a lot of abuse in the past, there’s been a lot of theft from estates and because of that, every time that there’s a big case. Where everyone knows the name of the decedent, and there is malfeasance on the part of children or personal representative of executor, another law is passed to try to keep that type of malfeasance from happening.”

Rebecca’s advice?  Save time, money, and emotional energy by setting up a revocable trust. Or something similar to avoid probate. And if you need help call Doane and Doane Attorneys at Law.