Dealing With The Loss of A Parent

Video Transcription

Losing a parent is never easy. Young… Old… Sick… Healthy, it’s traumatic. So worrying about whether their last wishes are in writing or whether they have an attorney only adds to the stress. That’s why attorney Rebecca Doane at Doane and Doane is offering some practical advice about what to do when your last surviving parent dies.

If you aren’t sure whether your parent had a will or any type of estate plan, the best thing to do is search their home.  File cabinets, dresser drawers, nightstands. Anywhere they traditionally kept important paperwork. Once you know who the attorney is, call them to get the process started.

“In the state of Florida, within 20 days any lawyer who has notification of someone’s death must file the estate planning documents with the court which is the last will and testament and if you know who the lawyer is please give them a call. Let them know their client- your parent has died, and they’ll tell you the next steps to move forward.”

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