Curbside Paperwork Options During Covid


We are in unprecedented times. And the global pandemic has led many people to evaluate their families, their own lives and their livelihood. It has put a lot into perspective.

And with this, comes the realization of the importance of estate planning.

But a valid estate plan has requirements. So how do you do this when being face to face is something everyone is trying to avoid?

It’s imperative that you have your documents signed in the presence of two witnesses and a notary. And people are finding that very difficult to find in our community today, and to also find that in a safe and protected way.

So Doane and Doane has a systematic, curbside service to keep you and your documents safe!

What we are doing is having our two witnesses and notary coming out to your car in a hood and face shields and gloves and have your documents on a clipboard and they pass them through your window in your car, then you sign the documents, then they quarantine the documents and send them out after they know everything is safe.

Doane & Doane has you and your safety in mind.

Now is the time to work with an experienced estate planning attorney.
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