Curbside Document Signing


The CORONAVIRUS has most of us stuck in the house with very little to do, and by now you’ve probably heard some trust and estate attorney say now is a good time to go over and update your estate planning documents, which is a great idea. But once you update, you need to have them signed, witnessed and notarized. But in this day and age of social distancing and lawyers working remotely- how can you make sure your updated documents are legal and validly signed. Well, Doane and Doane is the first trust and estate firm in Palm Beach County to solve the problem. We are now providing curbside service of all testamentary documents. Wills and trusts,  durable power of attorney, healthcare surrogates, and living wills, whatever you need signed, witnessed and notarized .You can do it with one quick trip to our office, and you don’t even need to get out of the car. !

Doane and Doane are there for you, whether it’s by phone, email teleconference or our drive-up document signing. We can safely help. And remember we will get through this difficult time-together.