What happens if all the trustees of a trust have passed away?
It’s a fair question to ask, especially if you are the grantor. You want to know what will come of your assets in the event that there’s no one else written in to take control of your trust. Here at Doane & Doane, we want you to be prepared for the future.
Can my long-lost child inherit my estate?
You’ve probably heard stories about situations where a long-lost child seemingly comes out of nowhere and inherits their parent’s estate. But can this type of thing really happen? Today, we look into this very claim to see whether there’s any validity to it.
Asset Planning and Estate Planning: What’s the Difference?
At Doane & Doane, we believe that everyone should have a good financial plan for the future. This is especially true as you get older and need financial security to carry you through your later years.
Estate Planning and How to Protect Digital Assets?
Technology continues to play an essential role in all that we do. And if you’re like most people in the modern era, your digital assets likewise continue to grow. Factor in things like paperless financial statements and the personal information associated with your many online accounts, and you can see why protecting your sensitive data is of the utmost importance.
Things to Consider When Naming a Trustee
Most people consider trusts to be a part of their Florida estate plans to aid them in distributing property to loved ones. Indeed, a trust allows individuals to protect their assets while avoiding the time and costs associated with probate. 
What Is A Personal Fiduciary?
If you recently suffered the loss of a close friend or relative, you know how traumatic these experiences can be. Not only do you feel emotional pain, but there’s also the question of who will be responsible for handling the personal and financial affairs of the deceased usually. Such concerns often bring more questions than answers regarding the responsibilities and [...]
What Is a Successor Trustee in Estate Planning?
Creating a trust can help to add protection to your estate plan when it comes time to distribute your assets. While there are many different types of trusts, nearly all require that you add a successor trustee.
How to Begin the Estate Planning Process in Florida?
Estate planning is an essential process that everyone should consider. Due to the uncertainty of tomorrow, it’s important to start planning for the future now. Unfortunately, many people are under the impression that estate planning is something reserved for the wealthy or those who have many assets. This simply isn’t true, as everyone needs to have a plan in place [...]
Senior Settlements – Is This the Right Option for You?
As a senior, you are likely inundated with offers that promise to make your life easier. Whether it’s an attempt to sell you a product or service to get you to sell your assets, the sales pitches never end once you reach a certain age. 
Florida Irrevocable Trust Law – Know Your Legal Rights
Florida’s irrevocable trust often proves to be an invaluable tool in estate planning. In fact, it is used by many of the state’s best asset protection attorneys. Irrevocable trusts allow the one who made the trust, known as the settlor, to manage and control their assets without the need to go through probate.