Another Good Reason to Avoid Probate

Video Transcription

We’re calling this one… Another good reason to avoid probate! By now you have probably heard… Most of the very legitimate reasons for establishing a revocable trust. It avoids the long and costly probate process. After you die… You’re loved ones keep control of the assets… And getting your beneficiaries what is rightfully theirs goes much quicker. But there is another reason to avoid probate that you might not have thought about….  Probate is a court process, and the goings- on in court are generally public record:

The worst part of probate is it opens up the family’s finances to public scrutiny. The will the inventory of assets get filed with the court and the court uses some attempts to make sure that’s not available to everybody but it pretty easy to figure out when somebody dies what did they own and who’s going to inherit it.

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