Zoom & The Courtroom


We’ve all heard it said the “wheels of justice move slowly”, so it’s a little ironic to learn the “zoom” may have just become the new normal in some  Florida courts. The Florida bar now says  electronic court proceedings that  became necessary in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, and  courthouse closings, have gotten a lot of positive response from judges and lawyers. That means, zoom, and its virtual cousin skype, will likely be around long after covid-19 disappears.

On the upside:
judges say they can begin clearing the dockets lawyers and clients are happy to avoid travel expense, courthouse parking and security.

But  there are still  some concerns that need to be addressed:
even now, judges, attorneys and administrators are working on ways to:

maintain greater control over the courtroom environment monitor who could  be watching a live broadcast of court proceedings on a cell phone or yYutube. Ensure sensitive information and privacy are protected and still maintain the public’s right to court access. Speaking of remote technology and the law: the teams at Doane and Doane want you to know they are still hard at work, and available for all your estate planning needs.
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