Pandemics Are Personal


Every trust and estate planning attorney will tell you now is a good time to update you documents. Don’t wait until a loved one is in a place where they can’t tell you what they want, don’t wait. Until someone needs to make a life and decision. Every good estate planning attorney will tell you this- its good advice but for me it’s personal. The last time our country when through a Pandemic turning our lives upside down it was 2009. It was H-1-N-1 swine flu, and my family was at the center of the storm. My three children ages 14 16 and 18 were quarantined in a Beijing hospital, 12 days of worry about not knowing if they were sick, how sick and if and when they’d be released. They did interviews, sent photos and blogged from their confines and it was exciting for them to see their story going viral.  But for me, as a mom it was concerning. That’s why I want our clients at Doane and Doane to be as prepared as possible in these uncertain times. I never expected that my family would be quarantined in a foreign country because of fast spreading virus.  And you may think it can’t happen to you or your loved one– until it does. So have your documents updated the right people are named and have them in an easily accessible place. And if you need help call us at Doane & Doane. We will get through this together.