Everyone Needs an Estate Plan, Celebrities Included


It has happened again, another celebrity, dying *without* a will, leaving loved ones to deal with the potentially long, emotional and expensive probate process. Chadwick Boseman died in august at the age of 43. He made millions with his iconic role in Black Panther, along with his portrayals of baseball Jackie Robinson and Supreme Court Justice, Thurgood Marshall. And while he did protect his longtime girlfriend by marrying her shortly before he succumbed to terminal cancer, she is now forced to deal with the courts, and what will probably be a contested estate. With all that money at stake, it’s likely Boseman’s parents and siblings will expect their share. This is not the first time we have heard this story.
Guitar legend, Jimi Hendrix, also died with no estate plan in place, so all the wealth Hendrix accumulated went to his father, rather than his brother, who he was very close with. That’s because Hendrix had no will, and the law is clear about who inherits estate assets when there is no will.
You don’t need to have millions to understand that what you leave behind should go to the person you want it to go to. It should not be decided based on probate law or a judge’s ruling.
So make sure you have a knowledgeable, experienced estate planning law firm to protect you and your assets.