What Has to Go Through Probate in Florida?
Losing a loved one is never easy, and you may now have to handle their estate. You may have questions as to what has to go through probate in the state of Florida. In probate, the Florida court will be the entity that will oversee your deceased loved one’s estate and ensure the estate is handled according to the probate [...]
Does Common Law Marriage Exist in Florida?
It’s not uncommon for couples to live together and decide not to get married.  In Florida, until 2016, couples who lived with each other without being married could be considered to have been breaking the law. However, in 2016, Governor Rick Scott repealed the 140-year law that once made it illegal for a couple to live together without being married.
What Are Medicaid Gifting Rules?
In Florida, being eligible for Medicaid benefits to pay for long-term nursing home care has become stricter, and the lookback period has increased from three years to five years.  This means that if you go into a nursing home and then apply for Medicaid, any gifts you made will be added up by Medicaid and a formula will be used [...]
How to Minimize Estate Disputes Between Siblings?
It’s not unusual for disputes to come up when it comes time for your children to divide up your estate.  The disputes between your children over the assets of your estate could lead to a long and expensive court battle. To avoid many of the family estate disputes that may arise after your death, there are steps you can take [...]
Is it Difficult to Change an Irrevocable Trust?
You may have your estate plan already in place, including an irrevocable trust, but sometimes circumstances change.  It could be you want to modify your irrevocable trust due to a change in financial situation, the death of a loved one, or an unforeseen change in circumstances.
What is a Contested Guardianship in Florida?
When a loved one is no longer able to manage their affairs, it can be difficult on everyone involved.  Unfortunately, there comes a time when someone needs to be given the authority to make decisions for the “incapacitated person.”
What is a Dynasty Trust?
If you plan on transferring your wealth to the next generation in your family, you may want to make a gift to the younger members of your family in a trust instead of gifting your assets outright. By utilizing the method of gifting your assets to a trust, you can enjoy many advantages such as tax planning, asset protection, and control [...]
Passing Away Without a Will in Florida, What Happens to Your Estate?
It is a common question among many of our clients:  What will happen if I die without a will?  Well, in this article, we are going to talk about the issues surrounding what happens to a person’s estate when he or she dies without a will.  Contrary to what many people think, the State of Florida generally will not take [...]
Should Cryptocurrency Be a Part of Your Estate Plan?
The short answer to our article title is – “Yes.”  Cryptocurrency is quickly becoming a prominent part of many people’s estate plans. That is because many people who own cryptocurrency worry about whether their crypto assets will go to their loved ones when they pass.
Estate Planning: What Should I Be Focused on for 2021?
Estate planning for 2021 should be a priority this year.  Why?  Because the new Biden Administration has a number of tax policy proposals that may significantly change how you will approach your estate planning moving forward.